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Honestly unique for sure. I hate spiders

Spooky game

Very nice game! LOVE the atmosphere and story! Can't wait to see what the future brings!

I think this game was perfect for a 3 scary games video. I didn't even have to cut a lot if not any. Very well made game!!!

The right kinda vibe!

Great Indie Horror Short. good environmental spooky atmosphere with good visuals and sound effects. It may be too dark at times. 

A short and certainly interesting, Kafkaesque premise, with fitting visuals and some good, anxiety-inducing moments. Definitely enjoyed it!

Awesome game man. I loved the music at the end.

really good game! i Loved it!

make moooreee!!!! lol

i swear i wasn't scared..

Played at 08:45. What brilliant storytelling!

the bugs gave me goosebumps, and I really enjoyed this one. Nice compact narrative.

Check out my video.


My playtrough of your game


It was the landlord this entire time.. I knew it! 

Visually pleasing game

THIS GAME WAS AMAZING WITH VISUALS!!! Great game and interesting story... and the spiders sure was scary... my gameplay is the last game i play in this 3 scary games. timestamps in description

Insects were SPOOKY alright.

I love how the game looks, the jumpscares definitely got me! great work!

Fun little game, good work :)

This game is my nightmare. But I had fun playing it.

Bem interessante. Em alguns momentos escuro demais, dificultando demais ver qualquer coisa, mas no mais bem interessante.

I had a lot of fun with this one, despite my hatred for spiders! But it was a great experience! Loved the style, the sounds, the scares, it was all great! 

Peter Parker has seen better days.

Awesome game! Makes me want to go back and read the Metamorphosis! 


Interesting short horror, rainy city great

This was interesting, I absolutely loved the city design! 

The graphics were really amazing! Especially when going for PS1 style graphics! I also thought that starting off outside while making the apartment itself so small was a great choice! Doing that added a bit of claustrophobia! 


Great creepy game! Loved the graphics!
Put on my little channel :)


This game was totally solid up until the point where there is a stalking enemy. The build-up was shockingly good with the details in the environment and I was really tensed up even after the reveal of the stalker enemy but it all falls apart once it introduces a very simplistic gameplay objective of collecting items around a tiny house. There isn't any real space to avoid the enemy, but you don't really need to avoid it in the first place so it becomes more of an annoyance than a gameplay obstacle. 

The game looks great, runs great, and I think it does a lot of cool things particularly with the build-up of tension. It falls flat in every other way though. No main menu, abrupt intro, abrupt transitions, abrupt ending. 

It's worth playing but I do wish the developer spent a little more time refining the experience. 

Thanks for playing!

WOW What a game! Great Atmosphere and Sounds! Wanna see more from this Studio!

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This game was pretty unique! The graphics outside were really pretty as well. The swarm of bugs seemed to be in the way the most of the time when I played. I found it very hard to get around them. I also think it's weird to hold the mouse button when grabbing the batteries and such. This was a interesting game nonetheless. 

Thank FOr this game !

Nice horror!



Interesing game.



Amazing visuals!!!


It's amazing what sound can do for atmosphere. Good and haunting music!


You're welcome;

The environment looks fantastic and the style really appeals to me. Cool, hope to see more!




Sound design was amazing, spiders gave me the creeps. Also, very cool "enemy" !

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch ;)

Thanks for the nice feedback

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